Tree Cutting in Benton, Arkansas

Tree Services for Commercial

Construction and Residential Sites

We offer professional tree cutting services for commercial, construction, and residential sites in Benton, AR. Whether you want a tree removal service for your home or business or a land-clearing service for your construction needs, we are ready to help.

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Need to Prep Your Construction Site

With Our Professional Tree Services ?

If you need to prep your construction site with professional tree service, The Tree King can help! We’re the leading tree service in the Benton area and have been providing quality services for years.

Our professionals are trained and equipped with the latest technology to get your job done safely and efficiently. They will use their knowledge and skills to clear any trees or brush from your property that may obstruct construction.

We are just a call away. You can start your project in no time with our fast turnaround time.

Other facts of Tree Cutting

 Tree cutting, also known as tree felling, is the process of cutting down a tree using various tools such as chainsaws, axes, and handsaws. It is typically done for a variety of reasons, including land clearing for construction or development, removing dead or diseased trees, or thinning out forests to promote the growth of remaining trees. Cutting trees is a skilled task that requires proper training and safety precautions to avoid injury to the person cutting the tree and those nearby. After cutting down the tree, the trunk and branches are typically removed and disposed of.


The Tree King

We offer a wide variety of affordable tree services. Let us know how we can help you with your home or business. We would love to service you. 

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